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Welcome to the Over-The-Hill Track Club Website. We are a recreational club serving Ridgecrest, California and the Indian Wells Valley. Here in the high Mojave desert, we enjoy a year-round monthly schedule of races, other sponsored activities and charity drives. All events are open to the public. Contact us using one of our links below if you are interested in participating in our events or would like more information. We are most known for the "High Desert 50k Ultra and 30k" that we host the first weekend in December. Follow us on the Over the Hill Track Club Facebook Page Ridgecrest Running. 

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John Anderson has put together his recollections of the OTHTC history.
You can read this interesting document by clicking here.
It is an 11.5 meg PDF document so it may take a while to download.

- Next Club/Local Events-

Caballo Blanco Run Free (5-mile loops)
April 21st, 2018

At the Parking lot south of the college.
Chris Rios - Race Direector

-OTHTC Race News-

OTHTC High Desert 50k Ultra and 30k
Was run December 3, 2017
Go to the Ultra Home Page for all the info.
Results from the 2017 50k Ultra --
2017 30k

Senior Discount Run
March 24, 2018

Jason Zehendner - First Young Guy



Bryan Ogilvie - First Legend

We had four Legends and ten Young Folks participate in the first annual Senior Discount Run on a cold and windy day.  The race consisted of two running routes where the Legend runners were entitled to five “discounts” on the 6.5 mile course shortening their distance to 5 miles.  

The first male Legend (age 55 and over) runner was Bryan Ogilvy with a time of 45:47 and the first female Legend runner was Dianne Rindt with a time of 1:10:21.  The top finishers in the Young Guys and Gals (age 54 and under) division were Jason Zehendher finishing the 6.5 mile course in 56:30 and Elisa Zimmerman with a time of 1:11:35.  The “Old Guys Rule” award goes to 58 year old Wesley Elmore who wanted to show the young guys how it was done and ran the 6.5 mile course in 1:07:27.

Special thanks goes to all who helped mark the course and also to Erica Mitchell who pre-ran the course and to Karin Usko and Brian Kajiwara for sweeping the trail.

Young Guys and Gals

Name Gender Age Time Place
Jason Zehendher M 41 0:56:30 1st
Brian Hildreth M 47 0:57:44
Angel Young M 36 0:59:00
John Auborn M 53 1:04:14
Tony Scanlan M 48 1:06:30
Wesley Elmore M 58 1:07:27
Elisa Zimmerman F 40 1:11:32 1st
Connie Scanlan F 46 1:11:35
Julia Horney F 36 1:16:20
Katharine Posner F 40 1:26:13
Karin Usko F 50 Trail Sweep
Brian Kajiwara M 36 Trail Sweep

Elisa Zimmerman and Dianne Rindt
First Young Gal and Legend Gal


OTHTC Prediction Run
February 24, 2018

It was a brisk morning but 25 runners came out for the 2018 OTHTC Prediction Run, where all you have to do is predict your finish time. Of course, the only course information you have prior to predicting your time is the distance. As usual the Kajiwara/Mitchell course did not disappoint. Samantha Gardner was the female runner who came closest to her predicted time with the difference between predicted and actual time of 1:26. John Auborn was the male runner who came closest to his predicted time with the difference between predicted and actual time of 1:28.

Thanks to all the runners who came out to support our event.

Race Directors:Andrew Mitchell and Eric Kajiwara



Robbers' Roost Run
Jan 27th, 2018

Race Directors John Auborn and Karin Usko had a perfect day for the event.  We had 33 runners start for both the approximately 5 mile and approximately 10 mile events.  The course had some challenging climbs but also beautiful scenery.  The winner of the 5 mile (actually 4.4 mile) course was Gregory Ostrom with a time of 47 minutes, and the winner of the 10 mile course was Brian Hildreth with a time of 1:37.




KO Half Marathon 11/4/2017








1st Male Runner

Gregory Ostrom





Bryce Hill





Chris Huthmacher





Rudy Richards





Jason Zehendler





Gage Stewart





Brian Ogilve





1st Female Runner

Kylie Griffith





John Ogilve





John Auborn





Julio S





Erica Mitchell





Wesley Elmore





Eugene K





Mike Hoider




Karin Osko





Julia Horney





Sara Lyman





Barrone Gaines





Jo Kajiwara




Early Start


Elaina McMahon



Early Start


Renee Hatcher



Early Start


Anthony Barnes





Ruth Carter



Short Course


First Walker

Randy Klassen







Local High School Cross Country Runner Promotes Safe Running

Jen Port, a local high school student and cross country team member, has undertaken a school project to promote awareness of running safety in our area, and she has asked for our help.

She recommends this article to help you think about making your running safer.  Another article on an RRCA page that you may want to consider focuses on precautions for trail running—a favorite running genre for many OTHTC members. From avoiding traffic on city streets, wearing reflective gear if running in the dark, being alert to that random rock or root on the trail, and co-existing with motorcycle riders and target shooters… there are safety considerations for all kinds of running environments! Take a moment to think about how you might be able to improve your safety for your own running.

OTHTC Donates to Local Middle School Cross Country Program

The OTHTC donated proceeds from two recent events to the Murray Middle School cross country team. The donations are a portion of the proceeds from the Inyokern 10-Miler (run April 29) and Firecracker 4000 (run July 4) plus a matching donation from the OTHTC.  The Murray Middle School cross country team includes students from both Murray and Monroe Middle Schools.

Over The Hill Track Club 10 Miler Race Co-Director Jeff Andrus
presents a $950 check to Coach Rob Tomlinson, Murray Middle School Cross Country Coach.

Over The Hill Track Club Firecracker 4000 Race Director Andrew Mitchell
presents a $150.00 check to Coach Ephraim Washburn, Murry Middle School Cross Country Coach.


Firecracker 4000
4 Kilometers
Tuesday July 4, 2017

The OTHTC Firecracker 4000 was held on July 4th.  We had a total of 86 runners/walkers participate in this fun run.  Race Director Andrew Mitchell would like to thank all those that came out to participate.  A special thanks to Eric Kajiwara for helping mark the course.

First finisher was Chris Schultz, and the first female finisher was Kylie Griffith. The first walkers were male: Don Christison, and female: Racheal Mattinson.

Congratulations to the Ridgecrest runners who completed in the
Shadow of the Giants 50k June 3rd, 2017, at Fish Camp, CA

Robert Di Pietro 5:19:41
John Auborn 5:27:25 OTHTC
Karin Usko 6:42:38 OTHTC
Megan Stone 7:25:37 first ultra
Darrell Price 8:28:26


Buzz Batzory
 Julia Horney

Breakfast Run
Approximately 3-miles
Saturday June 3, 2017

A total of 18 runners and walkers came out for the Breakfast Run on June 3rd.  The first male finisher was Buzz Batzory with a time of 23:33.  After Buzz finished he ran the course again in reverse to cheer on fellow competitors.  The first female was Julia Horney with a time of 38:53.  Jacob Kelley from the Burroughs Cross Country team was the youngest runner.  The oldest finishers were John  Anderson and Ruth Carter.

Thanks to all who came out to participate and a special thanks to Corky Furnish who picked up the ribbons on Sunday morning.  He was just about finished when Bill and I set out to do the clean up.

John  Anderson

Ruth Carter


OTHTC Caballo Blanco Run Free Fund Raiser
February 25, 2017

The day started with a very cold chill in the air, and stayed that way through out the day.  The race, jog, hike started at about 0730.  Between signing the sign up sheet and getting a bib number, the start was moved from 0700 to 0730.  Sign up sheet showed 54 participants, but I'm thinking there were more that started.  We will know as soon as we get the race results from LT.

So as the day progressed you could tell the runners/hikers were having a good time.  Weather was great for those out on the trails, but for those hanging at the start/finish it was pretty cold.  Nonetheless things were going good as we had Michael grilling hamburgers and brats for all to enjoy.  Darrell set up a speaker system and we had music playing all day long.  Once people finished their 5-mile loops they stopped to see if they had won anything from our raffle.  Many of them left with big smiles.  After the last runner came in with six 5-mile loops we got ready for the beverage mile.  Everyone that participated had a fun time.  If you haven't yet ran a beverage mile you got try one.  It's a bucket list item.  Lots of thank-yous to the many that helped make this fundraiser a success.  Thanks to Eric the K for helping me mark the course.  Thanks to Bill, George and Michael for helping set up the start/finish.  Thanks Michael for being the head chef.  Thanks LT for doing the timing.  Thanks Frankie for RD'ing the Beverage Mile.  Thanks Dawn and kids for picking up ribbons.  And lastly many thanks to our sponsors for helping with the raffle items.  All in all it was a fun day.  We raised $925.00 for our running friends the Tarahumara runners of Mexico's Copper Canyon.  Let's do it again next year.
Chris Rios, RD

Full results are available here.



Results of the 2017 OTHTC Prediction Run
Held February 11, 2017

Runners predicted their time to complete the 4 1/2 mile course.
The runner closest to their predicted time is the winner.
Winning female runner was Alexis Byerly who finished within 4 seconds of her predicted time.
Andrew Andade was the first male runner missing his predicted time by 20 seconds.


The OTHTC made donations to two local charites from the procedes of the OTHTC High Desert Ultra held Dec 4, 2016.

 $750.00 was donated to the Women’s Center High Desert.
L to R: Amy Nelson, Teresa Villa, Race Director Terry Mitchell, Heather Moore, Eliza Castanos

$750.00 was donated to the Habitat for Humanity.
L to R: Dave Mechtenberg, Melody Rea, Barry Johnson, Kirsti Smith, Bob Joy, Race Director Terry Mitchell, Mike Benton, John Learman, and Dennis Mackey


Some of the fun at the December 17 Jingle Jog.





2016 OTHTC 50K Ultra and 30K
December 4, 2016

The 31st OTHTC High Desert Ultra and 30K Trail Runis are in the books. WOW!!!!! What a beautiful day here in the High Desert.  There was hardly a breeze, and it's difficult to know what could have made the day any better.

We had a total of 329 entrants start the race with 202 runners in the 50K and 127 in the 30K.  201 runners completed the 50K and 126 ru nners completed the 30K.

Oswaldo Hurtado, 42, was the overall winner of the 50K with a time of 3:24:29.  Emma Delira, 29, was the first female to cross the finish line with a time of 4:37:33.

In the 30K, Patrick Sweeny, 37, was the overall winner with a time of 2:10:33.  Tori Tyler, 29, was the first female finisher with a time of 2:13:08.

Join us for the 2017 Ultra and 30k December 3, 2017.

For more discussion and results see the Ultra Home Page.


OTHTC Turkey Trot
Thursday, November 24, 2016 (Thanksgiving Day)

Thank you to all who came and ran or walked and supported our event on a beautiful chilly Thanksgiving Day morning. Over 500 two legged and four legged runners and walkers participated in the annual Over the Hill Track Club/Burroughs Cross Country Turkey Trot.  Congratulations to our Rubber Chicken Winners: Male - Christian Schultz in 16:26 and Female - Joanna Murray in 21:02.




OTHTC 2016 KC Half Marathon
November 5th, 2016
Cerro Coso Community College

On a crisp Saturday morning, 26 runners and 2 walkers participated in the annual KO Half Marathon.  The first runners to cross the finish line were Malik McIntosh with a finishing time of 1:27:11 and Joanna Murray with a finishing time of 1:44:55.  First to finish in the walker category were Randy Klassen with a time of 3:16:09 and Amy Neal (no time recorded).

2016 KO Half Results Runners
Time Age
Malik McIntosh 1:27:11 17 1st Male
Dallas Chapman 1:28:34 15
Gregory Ostrom 1:32:58 21
Mark McKinney 1:43:30 48
Joanna Murray 1:44:55 36 1st Female
Rob DiPietro 1:44:55 47
Ty Hilton 1:50:31 36
Elaina McMahon 1:57:12 59
G Matsunaga 2:00:10 14
Anthony Lara 2:00:13 17
Brian Hildreth 2:02:46 46
John Aubern 2:09:10 51
Connie Scanlan 2:10:00 44
Emma Heflin 2:12:24 17
Ashley Cervantes 2:12:24 14
Julia Ernst 2:12:24 17
Julie Jensen 2:20:02 35
Karin Usko 2:20:02 49
Kurt Storey 2:28:41 54
Carol Wolfe 2:47:38 56
Jenny McLaughlin 2:54:02 60
Darrel Price 2:58:52 37
Megan Stone 2:58:52 39
Alana Nagy 14
Madeline Acoster 14
Kylie Griffith 14
2016 KO Half Results Walkers
Time Age
Randy Klassen 3:16:09 63 1st Male 
Amy Neal 33 1st Female



Candy Dash held on Oct 29th, 2016

The Winners of the 5K run were
Michael Spahn with a time of 24:27 and
Alana Nagy with a time of 24:04. 

All the children that participated in the Candy Dash were winners receiving buckets of treats.


Chris Fires the Starting Gun.
Runners on the Trail

OTHTC Caballo Blanco "Run Free"
March 19, 2016

We had 39 runners/hikers sign our sign up sheet. I know that a number of folks didn't sign up. So we had something like 50 folks out on our trails. The run featured a 5.1 mile loop in the hills South of Ridgecrest with the option of running as many loops as desired. Some runners did as many as 6 loops giving them a total of 30.6 miles. It was a great day with good weather, and everyone had a great time. Click here for the full results of the run with the runners' distances and times.

There was no fee for the run, but donations were encouraged and little over $1000 was raised for the Running People (Tarahumara/Raramuri) of Mexico's Copper Canyon. There was a drawing following the race with the give-aways including some race entries to some top notch races, and additional running related items.

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported our event. Big shout out to Eric F. Kajiwara for helping me mark the course. Thanks to Michael Petrovich for bringing out his BBQ rig and cooking. Big thanks to to Frankie Escobar for helping get the word out on a daily basis about our event. And being the Race Director of our beer mile. Thanks as well to Luis Escobar/Frankie for helping take down the course ribbons. And thanks to all of you who helped me break down the start/finish. Lastly a Big thank you to our sponsors. Born to Run 10m/50k/100k/100m/200m, Wild Wild West 10m/26.2m/50k/50m, Nanny Goat 24 hour/100m, Man vs Horses 10m/26.2m/50k/50m and Mojave Marathon, Dirtbag Runners, Altra running shoes, Barefoot Ted of Luna sandals, and IW Brewery. I'm sure I'm missing someone.

I had a blast RD'ing and by all accounts everyone had a fun time. See you in 2017. Race Director, Chris Rios


OTHTC St. Patricks day Desert Dash
March 12, 2016

Run Results

Time Bib Time


Joseph French

130 17:46 1st Place Male

Andrew Ostrom

125 19:18 2nd Place Male

Chris Huthmacher

107 20:10 3rd Place Male

Andrew Smosna

122 21:08

Steven Griffin

128 21:46

Nicole Godett

121 22:02 1st Place Female-Tie

Ashley Young

129 22:02 2nd Place Female-Tie

Michael Spahn

132 22:28

Chris Mahoney

102 23:10

Connie Scanlan

133 24:56:00 3rd Place Female

Erica Mitchell

108 26:13:00

Michael Petrovich

na 27:00:00 Late start

Tom Miller

104 27:26:00

Dessarae Mahoney

101 29:00:00

Michelle Starostce

134 29:10:00

Mika Hildreth

117 30:23:00

Tristyn Odom

119 30:23:00

Sher Davis

103 32:33:00

Carole Wolfe

131 32:33:00

Curtis Davis

127 32:33:00

Dianne Rindt

110 32:44:00

Jessica Rodriguez

106 32:52:00

Sharon Britz

105 33:05:00

Kelsey Barram

111 33:37:00

Maren Goodwin

112 33:45:00

Ryan Mitchell

109 35:00:00

Tallulah Nutter

114 39:57:00

Sadie Nutter

115 39:57:00

Shaina Hansen

116 40:03:00

Mark Hammon

124 49:36:00

Jennifer Hammon

123 49:36:00

Marlee Hildreth

118 50:45:00

Ruth Carter

126 55:30:00

Mary Hildreth

120 1:02:12



Connie Scanlan, Nichole Godette, Ashley Young, Chris Huthmacher, Andrew Ostrom, Joseph French



OTHTC Prediction Run
 February 6, 2016

A total of 31 participants came out to participate in the OTHTC Prediction Run 2016.  The course was 3.11 miles and had a “few” hills.  It was a little cold at the start but once you started moving, it was a great day for a run!

Diane Rindt finished the course within 15 seconds of her predicted finish time giving her the “overall” as well as Female winner. Darrell Price finished the course within 16 seconds of his predicted time giving him the Male finisher title.

This event is a lot of fun because anyone can win.  It doesn’t matter your age, how fast or how slow.  You predict how long you think it will take you to finish knowing only the distance.  The pre-race course brief doesn’t occur until just before the start!

Congratulations to all the participants!
Andrew Mitchell, Race Director


OTHTC Supports
Burroughs High School Cross Country

The OTHTC donatied $1,500 to the BHS Cross Country program.  The donation is a portion of the proceeds from the OTHTC High Desert Ultra held December 6, 2015.

Left to right in the picture are: Michelle Ostrom (assistant girl's cross country coach), Terry Mitchell (OTHTC High Desert Ultra Race Director), David Aranda, Cameron Olivas, Jordan Thompson (BHS Cross Country Team Members), and Elaina McMahon (Girls cross country coach). Yolanda Olivas is the boy's head cross country coach (Not pictured).

OTHTC Donates to
The Women's Center-High Desert

Terry Mitchell, Race Director (right), donates a $1000 check to the Women’s Center- High Desert.  The donation was a portion of the 2015 OTHTC High Desert Ultra proceeds.


OTHTC 50K Ultra and 30K
December 6, 2015

We had a total of 353 entrants start the race with 217 runners in the 50K and 136 in the 30K.  215 runners completed the 50K and 133 runners completed the 30K.

Jorge Pacheco, 48, was the overall winner in the 50K with a time of 3:36:15.  This is the fifth time that he has won this event.   He has the distinction of winning more High Desert Ultra 50K’s than anyone. Katie Amuth, 29, was the first female to cross the finish line with a time of 4:29:40.  This was Katie’s first time running an Ultra Marathon.  Congratulations! We had 38 first time ultra runners with Katie winning overall female, and one earning an age group award.  Congratulations to all the “First Ultra” runners on completing your first ultra marathon!!!! Andrew Gunderson, 32, was the first Military finisher in the 50K with a time of 5:22:34.

In the 30K, Ricardo Ramirez, was the overall winner with a time of 2:00:13.  Mireya Vargas, 31 was the first female finisher with a time of 2:24:50.

All the results are here:   OTHTC 50K Ultra Results   OTHTC 30K Results

Runners came from all across the United States.  The majority of the runners came from California but 11 other states were represented.

The OTHTC will be donating a portion of the proceeds from the race to Burroughs High School Cross Country Team and Habitat for Humanity.

Howie Stern took some picture and will be providing me a link to the pictures once he has edited them. For those of you that ran the 50K, Tom Rafalski also took some pictures at Highway Crossing.  I’m also waiting for the link to these pictures.

I want to thank all my volunteers.  Without them we couldn’t put on this event.  We have the BEST volunteers.  It takes an army of volunteers so I can’t name them all because I’m sure I would miss an area. Thanks to LT and Jean of Negative Split Running LLC!

Remember to put us on your calendar for next year.  Be sure to save the date…..  December 4, 2016! Thanks again for supporting our event!  We hope to see you next year.

Terry Mitchell
Race Director/Sponsorship Coordinator

OTHTC High Desert Ultra (50K) & 30K Trail Run


2015 KO Trail Half Marathon
November 7th, 2015
Ridgecrest, CA

37 runners and walkers showed up at the chilly start of the annual KO Half Marathon.  After sunrise things warmed up as evidenced by the outer clothing dropped at the first aid station at about the 2 1/2 mile mark.  The first place male runner was Gregory Ostrum finishing the challenging, approximate 13 mile course in 1:34:05.  The first female runner to cross the finish line was Karin Usko completing the course in 1:59:59.  The first walkers were Randy Klassen and Melissa Parkinson finishing together with a time of 3:03:06. Ruby Dison earned the coveted "DFL" award for persevering to the finish. Thanks to Terry and Andrew Mitchell, Corky Furnish, John Anderson, and Chris Rios for manning the aid stations.  Thanks to Mark McKinney for helping mark the course and to Dawn and Mike Petrovitch for taking down the ribbon.

2015 KO Half Marathon Results

Place Name




1   Gregory Ostrum (1st Male)




2   Brent Cornelius




3   Mark McKinney




4   Bernie Mondragon 




5   Chris Hutmacker




6   Jonah Matsunaga




7   Brian Hildreth




8   Matthew Johnson




9   John Auburn




10   Anthony Lara




11   Karin Usko (1st Female)




12   Brendon Munis




13   Garry Tame




14   Julia Ernst




15   Rebecca Williams




16   Emma Heflin




17   Beverly Wood




18   Edgar Ponce




19   Sher Davis




20   Liberty Lowe




21   Katherine McLaughlin




22   Linda Dewees




23   Mike Petrovitch




24   Carol Wolfe




25   Traci McCormick




26   Kevin McCormick




27   John Carey




28   Randy Klassen (1st Male Walker)




29   Melissa Parkinson (1st Female Walker)




30   Jo Kajiwara




31   Ruby Dison




32   Jenny McLaughlin




33   Julie Frisbee

Early Start



34   Katie Eldridge

Early Start



35   Jennifer Williams

Early Start



36   Jason Zehendner

No Time



Justin Turner

No Time



 Gregory and Karen -first male and female

Melisa Parkenson and Randy Klassen; and Ruby Dison

OTHTC Annual Halloween Candy Dash and 5K
 October 31, 2015

     Forty five runners and walkers navigated the 5K course with Chris Hutmacher and Julia Ernst finishing first and second overall.  Chris finished in a time of 21:32 and Julia in a time of 21:58.  The real winners were all the kids who entered the “Candy Dash” where they had so much time to run to the candy pots and carry back as much candy as they could hold.  “Dragon Girl” and “Forest Gump” won the best costume competition receiving the Zombie Dogs awards.  Race Directors, Jeff and Erin Andries did a great job hosting the event.

Chris Hutmacher  M 21:32
Julia Ernst F 21:58
Brian Hildreath M 22:59
Ben Andrus M 23:59*
Kurt Schieder M 24:38:00
Cameron Olives F 27:12:00
Scotty Broyles M 40:31**
Jenny Boisvert F 28:48:00
Sharon Canfill F 29:38:00
Ty Denney M 30:26:00
Michael Spahn M 30:27:00
Calle Lehmann F  31:09:00
Calvin Fisher M 31:09:00
Michelle Stravorska  F 34:20:00
Kai (The Wonder Dog) F 34:20:00
Kelly Winkel F 37:07:00
Brian Corner M 39:08:00
Katherine Garcia F 39:08:00
Megan Koontz F 40:54:00
Avina Kootz F 40:54:00
Stefani  Jones F 43:02:00
Lori Scheider F 43:02:00
Christina York  F 43:20:00
Liam (Baby) 43:20:00
Nancy Pace F 45:51:00
Ryder Walden M 45:51:00
Maddy Walden F 45:51:00
Kelly Walden F 46:23:00
Frank Boisvert M 47:22:00
Grace Boisvert F 48:27:00
Caleb Boisvert M 48:29:00
Andy Johnson M 49:18:00
Heidi Fuller F 49:28:00
Morgan Fuller F 49:28:00
San & Jessie Cain F 50:00*
Christina Deatherage F 50:50:00
Kathy Martin F 55:30:00
Carol Wolfe F 57:33:00
Anna Maria F 57:33:00
Laren Dunham F 57:33:00
Faith Lorenz F 59:02:00
Hope Lorenz F 59:02:00
Brenden Miller F 59:02:00
Kristin White F 1:01:00
Alysa Baker F 1:01:00
Evan White M 1:03:00
* Short Course
** Early Start



OTHTC Owens Peak Ultra
October 11, 2015
Ridgecrest, California

It was a great running day for the OTHTC Owens Peak Ultra. There were three races run at the event. Steve Livington and Nchole Giumarra were first place male and female finishers in the 50k Ultra which had 20 finishers. The marathon had 15 finisher and the male and female winners were Ty Hilton and Llindsay Brown. Forty-four runners finished the 10 mile which was won by Tanner Hallihan  Barbara Harlow. Complete race results are available by clicking here. The Owens Peak Ultra Facebook page has pictures and some postings by some of the participants.

Over the Hill Track Club Firecracker 4000
July 4, 2015

 Seventy-five runners and walkers participate in this year's annual Fire Cracker 4000 Fun Run. The Escobar family travelled all the way from Riverside to run in the event.  The first place male runner was 17 year old Christian Shultz with a time of 18:35 and the first place female runners was 16 year old Julia Ernst with a time of 23:51.  The first place male walker was Randy Klassen and first place female walker was Debbie Corlett, both finishing the course in 50:33.


Breakfaast Run
June 6, 2015
3-mile run/walk in the hills southeast of Ridgecrest

A total of thirty-eight brave runners and walkers showed up for the Breakfast Run on June 6th. The course started out with a steep, rocky uphill climb and finished coming down the same hill.  There were a number of other hills and some soft sand in a couple parts.  It was also warm! The top male finisher was Greg Ostrom with a time of 21:55.  Connie Scanlan was the first female finisher with a time of 30:39.  Thanks to all who came out, and a special thanks to the Escobar family who made the trip from Riverside just for this run and camped out near the trailhead.


Prediction Run
March 21, 2015

The 4th Annual OTHTC Prediction Training Run was held on March 21, 2015.  We had a total of 14 participants.  The course was approximately 4.9 miles and participants were required to estimate their finish time, without know anything about the course except the distance.  Participants were not allowed to have any timing devices of any kind, i.e., watches, cell phones, GPS, egg timers, sun dials, etc….  Participants were on the honor system.  Just prior to race start, participants were given a course briefing and they were off.

For the men, Andrew Smosna finished the course closest to his predicted time.  The difference between his finish time and his predicted time was only 44 seconds.

For the women, Jo Kajiwara finished the course closest to her predicted time.  The difference between her finish time and her predicted time was 2:52.

It was a beautiful day for running in the hills behind the college.  The flowers were still pretty spectacular and the weather was gorgeous.   There was only a slight breeze so the temperature was perfect.

Thanks to all the participants and volunteers.
Andrew Mitchell
OTHTC Prediction Training Run Race Director


OTHTC Caballo Blanco Run Free Fat Ass
 February 14, 2015
By Race Director Chris Rios

OK here is an attempt at posting the race results of the CBRFFA. Some runners left early and I didn't get their time/loops.

I counted 47 racers, joggers/walkers. Overall winner was Chris Tarzan Clemens from Santa Barbara, Ca. (6 loops 4:54 31). First female was Linda Dewees from Inyokern, Ca. (6 loops 8:03 58). We had two other runners that ran 6 loops, Eric F. Kajiwara and Luis Escobar. 17 runners ran 1 loop. 8 runners ran 2 loops. 1 ran 3 loops. 4 runners ran 4 loops. And we did have some that came and joined in on the fun but we did not get the number of loops they ran.

The ages ran from age 11 to 81. They came from far and wide. From Santa Barbara, Hesperia and Riverside. We raised a bit over $1000.00. Thanks to all who came and Ran Free. Viva Caballo Blanco. See ya next year.


Resolution Run
Jan 1, 2015

A great group of runners, walkers, children and dogs enjoyed an early morning outing.  We had 66 participants starting their yearly exercise resolution.    The Packrats

President: Dianne Rindt   Vice president: Amanda Hilton   Secretary: Maria Coit   Treasurer: Terry Mitchell
Publicity: Eric and Jo Kajiwara   Facebook page admin: Racheal Mattinson   Webmaster: Tom Rindt

OTHTC is a member of the
Road Runners Club of America 

President or for more information:

Over-The-Hill Track Club
PO box 1048
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